The story of www.goodnewpress.netOur story begins on facebook December sixth on a Dell outside of Dallas. A seed, a dream, an idea sprouted on facebook at the Awesome Women’s site. I received the amount of positive feedback needed to help me take my first step forward on this path of educating and offering opportunity to others.

On my own with Gods energy shaping my thoughts and desires I (I hate saying I,) so including the loving spirit, we asked the fans of facebook to join and flesh out the idea of YOUTH and the ten subjects surrounding  YOUTH. With few exceptions; the stories are all from new friends made on facebook.

I must mention Flickr Photoshare as I found multiple images to use and a handful which were restricted. The restricted ones were obtains by leaving a simple note expressing awe and appreciation. They now join the facebook family as material for goodnew press.net.

Many times I would find a story in my local town and cover it by adding my photos and writing the story. I would then mock up a magazine page. Now, I am able to do the same, this time on subjects which are universal and global.

I challenge everyone to stop and listen to the news; whether written, TV or radio. Listen carefully, it only takes a few minutes to notice:  How many negatives do you hear, how many problems are mentioned? Have you wondered what the story might be like if it were presented in a positive fashion? Try rewriting it. You will be surprised. Have you ever felt like you were helpless to help, even if you wanted to, because no solutions were mentioned, no way to reach contacts, or the story was so tremendous and large you felt overwhelmed?

With determination we focus first on universal issues. For humanity, all are the same. We all can love, care; believe, so the beginning is inclusion. From our mission statement: ‘Standing for freedom from prejudice with mutual sharing and respect for diversity”, we reach-out to those who write and create.

GoodNewPress.net, which is our real name, chose to cover more than one facet of each of the ten subjects, along with sharing links and other multi-media sources. Our second goal is to educate. Allowing readers’ the room to decide on an issue, rather then riding the news-person’s opinion as truth. Then sharing links to continue the education. Life has a full impact on us in multi-media by attaching to many memories instead of one.

Our goal is to offer opportunity to all; ages, location, race, religion, physical ability, education, place of origin, successful or not, social economic, etc. This includes art, writing, poetry, dance as a link, music as a link and photography. We support the growth of creativeness and ‘The ARTs’.

As a guideline we decide the quarterly topic and the ten areas about the topic, although, in the case of our first issue, BULLYING grew to the point of demanding its own magazine as PART I of a two part series on YOUTH.

We stand by our VISIONS which are: encourage the global community to participate, offer publishing opportunities to all persons (on topic), share free ad space (on topic), allow people to experience a magazine which talks of the hard hitting current issues of Youth and the Global Community; as a result: we learn we have many things in common with others; therefore reaching inclusion. We teach people how to make positive change and take action; we share this magazine, live on-line, as we build, so our readers can watch, this works as an educational tool.

We are now at fourteen weeks, or 98 days old, with publication due March 20, 2011. The first day of SPRING!

Fourteen people helped make this what it is. I love each and everyone of you.

We present this to you, the public, as a gift. Please use this gift to educate yourself, then share, so others may educate themselves and help others.

As we say goodbye to the PART I of YOUTH on BULLYING, we say hello to PART II on YOUTH, please join us.  BTW this is a collectors edition.


Help Make This The YEAR for GROWTH for Someone!

Journal to Change YOUR Life: Is looking for Journal Donations to give away to women, men, and children who need a jump start on a new life. The goal is to collect 2011 journals in the year, 2011 and then give them away. The purpose is to encourage people to spread their wings, give voice to what is inside of them, and inspire them to tell their stories. I’m here to assist others in manifesting a rich and meaningful life through the art of journaling. Won’t you help? Please copy & paste to your page, share idea’s how to create this dream, and donate a journal or more. Send email to the following address for info on mailing of journals :


Journal To Change YOUR Life: Write Yourself Well
This Above All: To Thine Own Self Be True

~ William Shakespeare

This type of journal writing takes one beyond daily reflections. This creative process will allow you to express yourself in ways that help break through barriers. You will rise to challenges that may occur in your everyday life. Things will begin to look and feel differently as you make the shift. The lens you view with will take on a new perspective. This body of works keeps you grounded and fosters your unique potential. The focus is inner-development that supports your true self. Utilizing the process of journal writing opens us to heal, grow and change, heighten awareness, fuels creativity, and supports endeavors while increasing self-esteem. This style of journal writing will take you beyond your wildest imagination. The process encourages, motivates, evokes, and inspires growth and potential.


Brazil and surrounding areas received the equivalent of one month worth of rainfall in eight hours. Flash flooding hit multiple times over a three to four week period affecting Rio, Sao Paulo, Santa Catarina and the State of Goias with thousands killed and over a hundred thousand affected. The areas struck were poverty stricken.

A company which does prefabricated housing and one which does micro-vicloans have dispatched crew to fly to Brazil to do an assessment and collect the information needed to guard against flooding in the future. Worldsavers are raising money to send this disaster relief team to Rio to collect reporting for one month so they can apply for a grant from the Smithsonian. At present we need $1500.for the team to stay for one month. They leave February 20th.

All the money beyond the team expenses will go to the victims. Their first goals will be to relocate victims starting in Rio. Then they will start their outreach to other areas.

“My friends and other members of the organization have been doing small relief’s thought the years.” says Jennifer ‘Dotora’ Huse. “We organized 1500 volunteers to go to Louisiana for Katrina and now planning a global organization to help with disaster relief around the world and to help people with poverty, education, permanent housing, and in the areas of sustainability.”

The founder of Worldsavers is Jennifer April Huse. She is a single mom of twin boys who works full time as a rehabilitative massage therapist and is currently pursuing my doctorate of physical therapy. She knew her entire life her purpose was to help people both in health and other areas. She has an amazing support team which volunteers their time and services to expand Worldsavers to a worldwide organization. You can contact Worldsavers at www.myhelpbrazil.org or call 1-732-900-7444


Boy taken away in the floods.

Music To My Ears!

read the story at www.goodnewpress.net

Music to our ears! It is time we asked ourselves a few questions. Are we satisfied with the social health of the nation? Do we have the opportunity to have the children of our nation enriched with poetry, literature, music, dance, theater, photography, and art? How many children are exposed to the arts in school? Is it consistent state to state? Is there money available state to state? No. Are our souls nourished, is the character of this country strengthen? Will our children have these skills to pass on?